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Pay per click,
It’s all about the ROI

Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services. Because you only pay for qualified traffic, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

Pick your channels

Let’s pick the channels that your prospective visitors use

Keyword research

I can show you the best keywords to bid on

Landing pages & Ad copy

Let’s create engaging landing pages and ad copy

Campaign optimisation

I will make the most from your marketing budget

Making an Impact Across the Globe

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How I can help you with Pay-per-click


PPC Strategy

To tailor a PPC campaign that’s right for you, I will get to know your business, industry sector, competitors and USP’s. Then can I work with you to develop a strategy that’s going to deliver the results you need


I will work to deliver that strategy by building out your existing campaigns, or establishing accounts at new networks. It’s important to me that you own the accounts, and that you have a relationship with the network owners.


I will ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords and not wasting spend. We use sophisticated techniques ensuring you cover the full search landscape while avoiding the areas which aren’t right for your business.

Adcopy Writing

I will ensure your adverts are tightly focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website; with a strong call to action and continuous testing we can be sure you’re getting the right traffic at the lowest cost you could pay.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become a vital part of the PPC arsenal. Ad extensions transform your adtext and give you the opportunity to stand out, over your competitors. If you’re not using ad extensions in today’s bid landscape, then you’re missing a trick.

Shopping Ads

I will help you set up, manage and optimise your shopping campaigns and product listing ads to promote your inventory. My experience helps me ensure that the right product shows for the right keywords.


Without the right data, optimising a PPC campaign would just be a shot in the dark, so one of the very first things I do is to make sure that the tracking is setup properly, giving me all the data I need to optimise your accounts going forward.

PPC Optimisation

Ongoing optimisation will continually refine and focus the campaign to push the performance boundaries. Attention to detail is the key; A slightly higher click through rate in this Ad group, a slightly lower CPC on this keyword – it all adds up to make a massive difference.


I will produce reports which provide meaningful insight into what’s happening with your PPC campaign. What I have been working on, what I have noticed your competitors doing and how your paid search is performing against the key metrics you’re most interested in.

Proven PPC Results

My clients last year have enjoyed sales in excess of £4.1 million pounds from paid media alone. Why not join my portfolio of clients and see what success really looks like.

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